Bursa Cement provides support to public institutions, especially education and health.

The construction of Bursa Cement Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Kestel district was completed by our Company in 1987 and education started.

Bursa Cement, which continues to provide cement aids made through Bursa Governorship every year for the repair and maintenance of schools affiliated to the National Education; It completed and opened the 2-storey "Bursa Cement Factory Primary School Library", which has internet access to the garden of the school, which is located in Alemdar District, the construction of which was started in 2007, and has been re-named as "Bursa Cement Factory Primary Education School" in 2008.

Our company has been supporting the Kestel Sports Club Association and the International Bursa Festival programs organized by the Bursa Culture and Art Foundation for many years.

Adopting the respect and sensitivity to the environment as the basic principle, our Company has brought the 30th Year Memorial Forest to Kestel District. In addition, within the framework of the rehabilitation of our abandoned raw material quarries, approximately 100,000 saplings have been planted to date.

Our company provides internship opportunities within the scope of social responsibility, 3 days a week during the academic year, to vocational education students, as well as to students studying in undergraduate, associate degree programs of universities and Anatolian Technical High Schools, between 15-45 working days in July and August.

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